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Overview : 360 Degree Security Package

Data protection is a complicated, constantly-changing and critical issue for any organisation. Client data and intellectual property require the highest levels of protection against theft and attack from both the outside and within the corporate network. Our 360 degree security package is designed to provide end to end IT security Audit, Penetration, training & policy documentation services. This provides you complete visibility of your organization cybersecurity & leads to compliance certificate.

Step 1

Protect your Network from outside – Blackbox VAPT of your firewall, Router, Web application & Servers connected to external public IP


Step 2

Configuration review/Hardening health check of your firewall, Router, Active directory policies.


Step 3

Health check of your internal Network (Private IP’s)


Step 6

IT General Control Audit


Step 5

Network configuration review for entire Network


Step 4

Audit of your applications (Web, ERP, Mobile APP, IOT etc)


Step 7

Draft your policies & Standard operating procedures to harden your process


Step 8

Train your staff, Make them aware & competent


Step 9

Get your certified for Regulatory Compliance

FAQs on 360 Degree Security

What is the 360-degree approach to cybersecurity?

PREDICT: Be aware of your risks and understand your attack surface. Also, identify weak points.
PREVENT: Reduce attack surface, harden it, and reduce the risk of incidents.
DETECT: Recognize and isolate threats and incidents, and then contain them.
RESPOND: Respond to breaches, minimize damage, analyze, learn, and implement.

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