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Overview of our Training

It is important to invest in the most recent cybersecurity software and tools, but it is also a good idea to train workers in security skills for long-term protection.

Why Training is important for businesses?.

Statistics show that 90% of data leakage is due to human error. This highlights the importance of educating employees about security practices.

Compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI and SOX, GDPR, CCPA and some insurance requirements require that all employees receive cybersecurity training.

They can increase their cybersecurity awareness and then use the right software, habits and routines to protect and preserve both their personal data and that of their company.

Our Training Approach

WSC Academy has partnered with global organizations like Edutrain Global and School of Ethical Hackers in order to offer customised courses that meet the needs of each organisation.

  • WorkShop for Employees
  • Instructer Led Trainings
  • On demand Trainings
  • Online Assessment
  • Annual Cyber Security Training & Examination
  • Cyber Security Training for IT Teams

FAQs Of Our Traing

What are the advantages of training in cyber security?

Your company will be able to reduce cyber risk by ensuring that employees and senior managers are well-informed in cyber security best practice. Employees will be able to understand the importance and how to keep business information safe. Senior management will also understand their regulatory requirements and how to create effective processes and procedures that improve productivity.

What Cyber Security Courses or Trainings do employees need?

Our training program is designed to
Communicate clear IT security policies. Require complex passwords to be changed frequently. Teach employees about Phishing.
Protect your mobile devices, use email SPAM and web filters For more information, please contact us


Who and why is cyber security training necessary?

All employees should receive training, with each department focusing on the threats that are relevant to them. For example, finance employees must be more vigilant about phishing threats, and CEO email scams, when processing invoices.

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