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VCISO Services

Virtual CISO Services, (VCISO), Sydney & Melbourne, Australia – WeSecureCyber

Overview : VCISO

The Virtual CISO (Chief information Security Officer) services are for organizations that need someone to manage the development of their information security program. WeSecureCyber allows you to leverage the expertise of not only ex-CISO’s but also the entire range of our Sydney and Melbourne-based cybersecurity consultants – including penetration testers, incident response consultants, and cybersecurity auditors – all under one roof.


  • Clear Vision – The virtual chief information security officer gives a clear view of your IT security program, its potential, and the steps to get there.
  • Affordable Framework Expert – A virtual CISO usually costs less than a full-time, in-house CISO. A vCISO can be a significant benefit to small and medium-sized companies.
  • This allows the Internal IT Team to Keep Focus – vCISOs are able to focus on the highest level cybersecurity requirements of the organization, including security policies, guidelines and compliance standards. This allows the existing internal IT team to focus on their day-today activities.
  • Incident Response & Digital Forensic Skills – A vCISOis able to provide independent and proactive coordination of programs such breach response and incident response, including any required Digital Forensics.
VCISO Services

WeSecureCyber Virtual CISO Services

We offer a variety of service options to help you quickly build and maintain cyber capabilities. . Each organisation is different and each has its own cybersecurity requirements and risk profile. Based on your initial maturity assessment and threat/risk assessment, our service model can be customized to meet your needs

VCISO project-based

is for specific organisations to ensure compliance and cyber security.

VCISO as a Service

This service can be used to manage a portion or all of your security program.

VCISO as a service
VCISO Project Based

To get a free vCISO Consultation?.

FAQs on Virtual CISO Services

What is a Virtual CISO and how does it work?

A virtual information security officer is a vCISO. A vCISO, a security professional who draws on their industry and years of cybersecurity experience to assist organizations in developing and managing an information security program.

What does VCISO do?

Identify threats, assess vulnerability, determine risk, establish control strategies to reduce risk, and then monitor and review the Information Security Program.
Assist the Board with strategic and governance issues through ITSC meetings, project management, GLBA/Executive reporting, and other support.
Make policies and run risk assessments.
All employees, including the Board, should be trained in Information Security Awareness and Education.
A Vendor Management Program should be created. It should include Vendor Risk Assessments every year, the creation of a Critical Vendor Analysis Report and the assessment of risk when new vendors are onboarded. Performance management can also be tracked. If necessary, it will help to facilitate a corrective plan for non-performing vendors. Maintain an Incident Response plan and hold annual IR roundtables.
Conduct research and provide feedback on cyber-related events, regulations, or compliance.
Support and preparation for IT Audits and Exams.

Are CISO in demand?

CISOs are in high demand. It depends on what your perspective is as a customer, what your budget is and what the mission is. The CISO job can cover a multitude of sins and sometimes it isn’t always necessarily a CISO role.

What are the 5 main needs of a CISO?

The Top Five Priorities for the CISO
  • Develop Enterprisewide Security Programs. …
  • Identify, Report and Control Incidents. …
  • Manage and Train Security Staff. …
  • Monitor Threats and Take Preventive Measures. …
  • Communicate Continuously.

What are the 3 C's CISO?

IT security is changing, and CISOs must be prepared to evolve. This means effectively managing the three Cs: Control over existing IT resources, communication across the organization (and with C-suite members in particular) and connection with a trusted partner to maximize returns on security spending

What are the biggest CISO challenges?

Overall, CISOs responding to our survey in 2022 have a clearly defined goal to mitigate risk in their functional area, which mirrors their top enterprise goal of reducing risk. Their biggest challenge in reaching that goal is a lack of resources, followed by a lack of skills.

Does ISO 27001 require a CISO?

It may sound rather funny, but ISO 27001 does not require a company to nominate a Chief Information Security Officer, or any other person who would coordinate information security (e.g., Information security officer, Security manager, etc.).

Do all companies need a CISO?

As we learned, a CISO is a must-have for almost any company irrespective of the nature of business and the size of your company. A CISO is a critical role in your company if you handle sensitive data or business-critical infrastructure. However, it may be unnecessary for some companies to retain a full-time CISO.

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